Friday, 19 November 2010

Yes, that's right, I changed my name.

Well, a few of you know that Stella has always been my nickname and Ryan, a good friend of mine, gave me his surname a while ago, so I couldn't resist taking it as a pen name. Since I finished my first book, I played with the thought of it and here we go.

Stella Deleuze

It sounds so much nicer, sophisticated even. 

Don't you think?


  1. Yup, the name has winner stamped all over it.
    I love it.

    It would never work for me though. Eeeek!! imagine soooz deleuze!

  2. Thank you, Sooz.

    Well, it's a thought I've played with for a while. It's unique and rolls off one's tongue smoothly. That's what I wanted :-)