Saturday, 18 December 2010

London covered in a dust of snow

Today, I woke up to discover it snowed like manic. Everything was covered in white, even the roads. It's freezing cold and all I'm thinking of is summer. I want summer!
Since I was little I was dragged along to winter holidays, skiing and taking long walks in the snow and that for the first sixteen years of my life. I'm done with snow, really, I am.
Though, I admit it looks pretty with the trees covered in a white dust and it's certainly brilliant for the children, I would rather have summer all year.

Now, that's not going to happen in London, is it? Well, lucky me, I'll go, skid would be the more accurate word, grocery shopping and then hide behind my laptop with a hot chocolate or two. Have some writing to do. Pretty pleased with what I've done so far. About 45k, which means 5k to go until end of this year.

These picture show the view from my windows: London in dirty-white.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Very nice pictures, Stella. I've seen part of that view from your window when we've chatting on Skype and it always looks fascinating to me, considering the remote part of the country I live in.

    CJ xx

  2. Hey, Crystal

    If you ever come to London, I herewith invite you for a tea or even for tea (dinner). Then you will see it just looks fascinating, but when you live on this road, it's quite loud. xx