Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another interview with me

Yay! I've been interviewed yet again. One thing that many people aren't aware of, is the incredible hard work that involves self-publication. Not only do you have to edit and polish your book to perfection, you also have to do the cover design and formatting.
Once it's published the next part follows and that is marketing and promotion. You have to shout the publication of your book from roof tops, but there are many authors shouting already, so where to find the rare occasions where you have your very own spot?

Well, researching and finding book reviewers and blogs that showcase indie authors. Incredibly time consuming, but also a lot of fun. You get to talk to wonderful people and together, you help each other.

Shawn, who's running and indie author blog is having the interview with me up today, please feel free to pop by and say hello. If you're in indie author yourself, get in touch with Shawn, he's lovely.

There are plenty of sites, you just have to find them. And you need time, many review blogs are up to their eyeballs, so be patient, they're doing it all for free and for you, they author. Also, help them, post links, make some waves, that's the least you can do for getting a great spot on their blog.

Every little helps, they say :-)

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