Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Another sneak peek at the sequel to No Wings Attached:

While No Wings Attached is put on hold, being currently corrected, I'm using the time to crack on with the sequel. Here's a small excerpt of Chapter Eleven, first unedited draft.  I'd love your opinions, so fire away. ;-)

I struggle and hiss, stomping and kicking in order to step on a foot of the guy whose arms are still locked around me. He curses and tightens his grip.
Let go of me!” With as much force I can muster I knock back my head, hoping to smash his nose. Pain jolts through me.
He winces and pushes me forward. “You bitch!”
I open my eyes and see... nothing. It's dark, pitch black and it smells rank, like rotten moss, I hear water dripping, echoing from seemingly close walls. Knowing he's probably behind me, I carefully feel the ground under my feet, trying to get some more distance between us. Something wet touches my face and I bite my lip to suppress a scream, if I'm basically blind he won't be able to see either. What do I do, what do I do? What does he want? Am I allowed to use my powers to protect me? My heart thuds so heavily in my chest, I want to throw up. With my arms stretched out I inch forward.
Another curse from him. “That fucking bitch got my lip. It's bleeding.”
Where is she now?” a second voice asks.
Don't know, we'll find out in a second.”
I stop and try to breathe as calmly as I can. Suddenly, a blue light flashes past me, crushing into the rocks before me; instinctively, I duck and wrap my arms around my head. The dark force!
There! Darian, now!”
I throw myself flat onto the floor and in hope they will aim to the left, I roll to the right, squeezing my eyes shut. From what I can hear, another blue light ball hisses over me and the sound of pieces of the rock wall falling on the ground echoes through the cave. I blink and hastily crawl further to the right.
One more time,” whisper under my breath. I'm furious and willing to fight back, “go on, only one more time.”
Again, I'm blinded and quickly looking to the side, I stretch our my hands, palms up. Oh, please let it work, I don't want to die!
The blue ball dances in the air, illuminating the place. As I suspected, it's small and water runs along the walls. I turn to my kidnappers and gasp. The bold guy! A much smaller figure stands next to him, legs apart, hands stemmed in the side, glaring at me. I could swear I've seen him before, but I can't remember where. At the club, when Sam was there?
You?” I address the bold guy. “What do you want from me?”
He watches the blue ball's dancing. “Just playing a bit. Thought you might like that.”
I continue to stare at him. The tingling in my hands and the pressure on them stops and the ball explodes, leaving a mini firework behind. For moment I freeze and lock eyes again with the bold guy. With one quick move of his hand another blue ball appears in the palm of his hand and before I can react, he throws it in my direction. The pressure is much stronger and I can't hold against it.
Please, stop! What have I done to you?” My voice breaks off at the end of the question and I have both, fear and fury raging in me. I'm going to die!
Stop!” a third voice barks, followed by a stream of orange-red light directed at the two other guys. They try to fight back, but the figure now stepping in front of me is far too strong for them. I recognise the long leather coat and heavy boots. Sam?

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