Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A proud moment

From time to time I check my books on Amazon, search for them to see if my tags work. That's what I did today.
The search term 'funny short stories' in the Kindle store resulted with Excuse me, where is the exit? at #17, which is fantastic.
The term 'paranormal romantic comedy' brought up No Wings Attached at #15 and Candlelight Sinner at #10.
I've searched for 4 stars & up.
Not too bad, I think. Although it's unlikely someone searches for paranormal romantic comedy. Ah well. You can't have everything. But what I'm really and I mean really proud of is the following:

And that makes all the hard work, the tears, the pain, the frustration and fuming worthwhile. I hope my next books will be perceived with equal enthusiasm. A massive thank you to everyone who helped me to bang the books into shape, my beta readers and friends for invaluable feedback, and my dear readers who kept encouraging me to finish Candlelight Sinner.
Just wanted to share. Now I'll better go and edit the next novel, hopefully coming out around November.

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