Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When I pour myself a glass of red wine ...

... it means that summer's over.
I have to apologise for not updating the blog for a while, I'm surprised myself, but I was, and still am, really busy. And there wasn't much that pissed me off so much that I needed to rant. Well, maybe the subject of fake reviews, paid for or bribed in any other way, but that has been circulating for ages, no need for me to warm up the ever colder becoming topic. Don't get me wrong: I do lose all respect for anyone who cheats his or her way up with fake bought praise, and I certainly will never become one of them, but I'm a little tired of reading about it now. Besides, there are plenty of wonderful bloggers who dealt with the issue.
<------ a painting I fell in love with many years ago. It hangs on my wall.

Back to the changing seasons. It has been a summer spent in the garden or on the couch, writing, writing and writing. In between I did some gardening, then editing, writing and writing and editing and ... you get the picture. I was busy, hence the slight neglect of the blog. And it's not over yet. I'm starting a massive rewrite project; a novel I'm hopefully be able to publish in November/December. Again, a completely different genre. Probably a good thing it's not hot anymore; rewriting/editing is not so much fun on a reflective screen. It's okay to write new stuff, to just let your fingers run over the keyboard (I touch type), squinting at the screen through your tears, not so. However, I wrote a few more short stories to add to my collection, which I have just published on Amazon. The book is called 5-Minute Tea Break Stories and will be free from tomorrow to Saturday. Look out for it. The stories are all short and in various genres. If you are a long-term follower, you'll know most of them as they were posted for a long while. I did the cover image, by the way. How's that for a first attempt in photography, eh? And that with a mobile cam.

Okay, since that book is out of the way, I can now take a breather. A short one. Just this evening, after having scrumptious fish. I decided I deserve a glass of red tonight. That's right, I've bought a bottle of red as that's what I prefer when it's cold outside. I know, I know, it's not really cold yet, but you haven't been in my flat: it's a fucking fridge! But that's not your concern, I just wanted to tell you. It also means that autumn is waiting around the corner, and boy, do I love autumn. Not so much because it's colder, but for its colours. You often get clear blue sky and the trees will fight for your eyes' attention with their yellow, red, and brown leaves. It's simply beautiful to walk through the park, the low sun warming your face while it's crisp. I love it.

And then will be winter, which means lots of glasses (bottles) of red and plenty of writing to be done. I guess I didn't tell you yet that I've decided, against my former decision, to write a third book in the Branded series. Why? Because it keeps haunting me and I receive a lot of messages, asking if there will be a third one. So yes, it's official, there will be. But it maybe take me a while. Please bear with me. I don't want to rush, but want to write something that will be worth waiting for. 


  1. Nice post - really got the feeling of autumn from your writing. I'm far away in a place with no seasons, and to be honest I don't really miss the cold, but I do like that scrunch of leaves and the damp smell of autumn. Great to open up the red wine - and, for me, have some good filling comfort food!

    1. Hello, Andrew

      Greeting to Barbados. How lovely of you to pop by my blog. Did you live in Holloway Road? I know it quite well.

      Oh and yes, red wine and food that warms the cockles. I wouldn't miss the cold either, but for now, I have to put up with it.

    2. I lived closer to Crouch End, but spent some time around Holloway Road and it matched the setting I wanted for the novel.

    3. I live right in the middle. Was on Holloway Rd. yesterday, by the way. Said hello from you and it grinned.