Sunday, 30 December 2012

I had oral sex!

Yeah, that made you come, eh? Pardon the unintended pun. What I really meant was that I had some delicious food. Every now and again I have a hunger for a proper German Schnitzel and that's what I had today. Jaegerschnitzel to be precise. And since I'm still a little angry that someone had the nerve to pinch my former blog wordsbystelladeleuze, complete with content, I bashed the death out of that piece of meat. It has to be a lean meat, so I used a slice of pork leg, and bashed it with that tenderiser until I was deaf. My neighbours were probably wondering what I was doing, but hey, I'm allowed to make some noise, right?
So, meat suitably lambasted (please tell me you know this word, or I'm screwed. My trusted dictionary suggested it to me.), I drowned it in beaten egg (quite a bit of beating going on, I realise) and then dunked it in seasoned bread crumbs. Twice. I love a nice thick coating. Meanwhile I had put the chips in the oven, and beforehand I cut fresh button mushrooms and an banana onion (any onion is fine), ground salt and pepper for the creamy mushrooms. I use the same pan I fried the Schnitzel in for the mushrooms, that adds some taste.

And here's the picture.

I know the ketchup is a bit disgusting, but it was the rest in the bottle and I wanted to get rid of it. Anyway, I enjoyed it immensely and you should see my grin now.

NOTE: Just in case you haven't seen my many posts about it or wonder why the heck I was posting about insurances: I've changed my blog address, and someone took it, including the content and posted nonsense. It wasn't me and I have no idea how this happened. I thought you needed a password to safe and import a blog. I've informed blogger about copyright infringement and that they're damaging my reputation, because I can't do anything about it. It's all a bit beyond me. For the time being, it looks like my blog has a twin. But only here, under the name Stella Deleuze, with my mug shot to the right, you can be sure it's me. 

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