Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 and onwards shall be filled with happiness

This year has been a mixed bag again. Until May it was utter shite, then I discovered the joy of bicycle mechanics and that changed everything. Well, not everything, but a lot. I know now that it's the way forward; it's what I want to do for a living and I've headed straight for that goal. I worked (on a voluntary basis in exchange for getting my bikes done) to gain experience and did the Level 2 mechanic certificate incl. wheel building. In order to be able to work on bikes I'm collecting tools, little by little gathering all bike mechanic's essentials. Plus, I'm going to start my own wheel-building business--something I'm passionate about, particularly 'vintage' wheels. I don't have the money to invest a large amount, so wheel-building is something I can do from home, which suits me just fine.

Shouting landlord badly drawn
There is, however, one thing I need to do/change, before I can dive into all the happiness:
I need to move. Urgently. Two reasons I've felt reasonably down recently are: the family of four living downstairs. I honestly don't think it should be allowed. Although they're nice people, they fail to keep their two small children under control. This building isn't made for families or more than two people in its flats, let alone two children running back and forth between the two rooms four hours every day, either screaming or screeching (the girl), and it drives me insane. No wonder if you keep the children cooped up inside. Something that wouldn't have happened when I was a kid. I was outside all day, or reading all day. No running in the house. Ever.
And, as you remember, I moved into this place finding out that the previous tenants have kept the massive cockroach infestation a secret. As to how I've not seen it leaves me puzzled to this day. You can smell cockroaches--of course only if you know the stink. I didn't notice when I moved in, not the roaches, nor a smell. Anyhow, if you'd like to read about that issue, you can read it here.
In addition to this dilemma, my landlord is one from hell. He's rude, doesn't keep his word, threatens and harasses me at random. For example, I call him up to negotiate a rent reduction for a flat I can't fully use due to cockroaches, I ask for 200 pounds (for two month combined), he offers 50 and declares the conversation over, and without even letting me talk, hangs up on me.
Another time, he stands outside the house and calls me up to shout at me as to why there are cables hanging loosely from the wall, not being fixed, and why the heck there's a sat dish. I had no idea, because I only have broadband and nothing else. He threatened to take a slash hammer to take it down. And there were more incidents like that. He also keeps telling me that he never wanted me to move in. Well, why rent it to me, then? Oh, and now he pulls the card of my keeping the iguana illegally. Gee, man, he's known I had this animals for two years, as I've lived in his son's flat (in the same building) beforehand. Everything to get that tenant evicted, right? He'd rather sell than rent, he's told me; of course, prices have gone up, so the agents say.
Worry  not, dear arsehole landlord, I'll be putting all my efforts into searching something new.
Once that's over, and I hopefully end up with a nice and quiet place, I can concentrate on the happiness I most certainly deserve. And, as soon as the sun comes out, I'm pretty sure I'll be working in my dream job, for I have at least three bike shops who'd like to have me, plus the wheel building business will have picked up by then, too.
Re-build of 1976 Viscount Aerospace Sport
In the meantime, I'm trying to get out on as many rides as possible--on my own or with someone from my newly founded local cycling club, as I've finished one winter project: the re-build of my new (old) frame, which is a dream. Other winter projects have to wait due to above stated priorities, but I'm fine with that.
Oh and of course I'll continue posting installments of my novel in progress. Might not be daily at the moment as it's near to impossible to find peace and quiet in this place. I've scheduled the planned release roughly about November/December 2014, taking the pressure off me, and make sure I have enough time to fiddle with it once it's completed.
I wish all of you, who are reading regularly, a wonderful evening, a great 2014, health, love, much laughter, and most of all: that you'll achieve the goals you set for yourselves. I'll be right there with you. :-)

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