Monday, 10 March 2014


That's how I feel as I type. Just recently I said that it's been a while since the iguana bit me and how sweet he's been, but that I have to be on my guard at all times. Today, I was a bit too cocky and promptly paid the price. Although I admit it was my own fault and Zorro was just telling me he didn't like my 'rough' playful treatment. Fair enough. I now he likes a bit of playing, but on his own terms. Anyway, he jumped forwards and bit in my arm, but let go rather quickly, too. If he'd been really angry, he'd just taken a piece of flesh. Lucky me. I'll only have a bruise and a sore arm for a few days.

A couple of hours after the iguana attack
Since the big boy is entering mating season, I'll have to be double careful; he doesn't like certain hairdos or colours. Oddly enough, they seem to change. Only red is still a big no-no, as is pink; black, grey or lilac can be worn if I'm calm.
You may not believe it, but iguanas are sensitive to mood swings (or periods in women) and since I'm a little off-kilter at the moment, he's reacting. Ah well, it means I've got one more shirt for the workshop as he bit right through it. He's now fast asleep, looking very cute, though probably dreaming of his brief moment of victory.

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