Thursday, 21 April 2011

My big iguana in the sun

Since the lamp in Zorro's home imploded the other day, I had to order a new one. For those who are not familiar with reptile equipment: I need a ceramic fixture that is heat resistant. I've got two 100Watt basking spots and a 150Watt ceramic heat emitter in his viviarium.

Because he seems to be in mating season, meaning being a lot more aggressive than normal, I had to get him out and roam around. Not that I was able to do a step without him chasing me. I grabbed him and sat him onto my bed, so he could enjoy the natural sun and look out of the window, then I climbed into his house to do the cable work.

Here are some pictures I've taken.

Top: He just lay down and threw his arms back. That's a sign of relaxing.
Middle: He doesn't like being touched and leans into my hand. One wrong move and I could easily end up in the A&E.
Right: you can see how big he is. My bed is 137cm


  1. Wow, how much feeding does he take?

  2. Don't ask, James.

    Two bags of wild rocket/watercress, grated butternut squash or alfalfa and raspberries or other fruit every day. He a gourmet and spoiled rotten. :-)

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  4. I really what an Iguana!!
    Even though they are totally big and eat like a bunch of cows.

    1. Well, as long as you do your research beforehand and commit to give the iguana what he or she needs, I don't see any problem. My problem is with people who think they're cute and as soon as they hit a tiny problem with their size or aggressions, they get rid of them. I wouldn't want any other pet than an iguana, but then I've kept them for 17 years and had my fair share of scratches, high vet bills and A&E visits. :-)