Saturday, 11 February 2012

From a strong start to a weak ending

Two weeks ago, I had a short download frenzy and grabbed some free e-books, for I really want to get into reading again. I used to read a lot; nobody could lure me out of my bedroom as a child and teenager. I forgot to eat, to sleep, the world around me. With a busy life as an adult and me being a slow reader, I didn't read nearly as much anymore, but I always carried a book and read everywhere when time permitted. Mainly before I went to sleep. So that's a habit I want to pick up again. I love my kindle and the variety of books. After giving up on Indie books -- I've started quite a few and was always disappointed -- I've decided to go for a hunt of books that captures me from the very beginning and keeps me reading right to the end. But it's not that easy, I find. I blame my being a writer and editor, which makes it harder to let go and enjoy, even with traditionally published books, I shall add.

So after downloading about thirty books on which I decided like I would in a brick and mortar store: cover, title, blurb, I started the first. Saw plenty of errors in dialogue attributes and deleted it. Then I started to read one, apparently from an award-winning author, that was rather illogical right from the start, plus packed with clich├ęs -- deleted. Next was well written, the author knew what she was doing, but I couldn't stand the voice. It was boring and didn't touch me one bit. Deleted.

The forth was it. I normally don't say anything openly, or 'review' books anymore, but this one, I felt to write something about.
Boy, it grabbed me right from the first line. Very strong opening and well-written. I was hooked! Finally a book I could snuggle up with. It had some minor issues with some missing commas in dialogue and it could have done with an edit to get rid of the repetitions, but it was solid, it was without my major concerns: plot holes and I really liked the characters.
Shame, though, that after about half the book it started to lack. I read on because I wanted to see if it picks up again, but the plot was going downhill. The author offered explanations for all that was happening but it was flat. I felt like she didn't know what to do with the ending and came up with something half-decent, but it didn't communicate with the very strong beginning. And I wanted to slap the female protagonist, plus the male main character turned into a right arsehole.
The repetitions got worse and at 90% I really wanted to give up. I skipped a lot of pages to get to the end which was equally disappointing. It left me hanging. I know there's a sequel, but I'm not going to buy it.

However, I had downloaded another book from the author and will give that a go and hope she has managed to maintain the flow that keeps me reading.

I find she has a strong voice, but the plot was too far fetched for my own liking. I feel it's a case where an editor would have done the trick. The author clearly has talent, but if I see one more 'latched' anywhere I will slam the book shut in an instant. To name one of the few annoying repetitions in the second half.

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