Tuesday, 7 February 2012

That's it, I'm done! It's time to say


to the Branded Series, that is. I've said it in the past, after No Wings Attached sunk into the bottomless belly of Amazon, that I contemplated to stop writing the sequel and put the series to a rest. Only after readers repeatedly asked where the sequel is, I finished the book. Now, Candlelight Sinner has been released last month and performs equally: a block of concrete couldn't sink faster than the book. So I thought back and forth and decided to not write the third book.

To say or pretend I'm not disappointed would be a lie. Of course I am. Three years of my life went into the books, they have made me laugh, cry and angry. I'm proud of them and I know many of those who read them loved them and it was a rather interesting journey; No Wings Attached taught me all about the craft and I had plenty of fun writing the two novels.

I feel that part of the 'not selling' is because of the first published version of No Wings Attached was error-riddled. No reader in their right mind would buy another book by an author who can't take care of their books. Well, if only I had known. Never mind, that's something I can't reverse.

Personally, I don't know why else the books won't sell, it might be the lack of vampires, the lack of erotica, the weird mix of genres being paranormal romantic comedy, or the reviewers who keep referring to Tom as being an angel, which he isn't - at least not in the common sense - who knows? Fact is that self-publishing is a good way to find out if your book tickles the fancy of the crowd.

My Branded series doesn't, so it's time to move on to other projects, which is what I'm currently doing. So for those of you who are waiting for the third book: I'm sorry. Really really sorry. But I won't continue this series.
This is not a whiny post, in fact, I think I'm rather relieved to not have to write a third book. As much fun as it was, I've somehow outgrown the books and the style and I'd like to take other challenges. So, maybe it's a good thing because now I can just step away with a clean conscience. I see that as a positive thing. And I'll continue to love the books 

I threaten you, however, to unleash a new book at some point this year.

Up to then, there's always my short story collection Excuse me, where is the exit?


  1. Good luck with your next project(s). It can be difficult to set a series down after you've poured so much into it. The series has entertained many and won the heart of readers. That is what every writer dreams of. You have done very well. Looking forward to even more of your writings.

  2. Thank you, Wendy. You are lovely.

    Actually, it's not that hard to set it down. I struggled with the sequel, not because it was so difficul to write, but because I had moved on and I couldn't get back into the characters' heads. Took me a long while, lots of begging, threatening, stomping my foot, etc. until they finally opened up again. Stubborn as a mule, the lot of them. lol

  3. Writing a sequel is never easy Stella, unless you offer it to the readers first as I did with my science fiction space opera "Onet's Tale". A possible history of what had gone before is briefly mentioned at one point in the narrative. But I doubt that anyone reading it, fully grasped the fact. And so, as you know, I am re-writing that first story again as a prequel. :)