Thursday, 22 November 2012

Indies behaving badly.

I'm quivering. Not. To be honest, I expected a massive flood of abusive comments on my blog, on the book page, and plenty of negative reviews, but I got was two 5-star reviews (from authors!), and compliments on my bold approach. And I seriously don't want to hurt anyone; it's just my typical rant.
What happened though was, that an indie author couldn't help herself and tag my book with 'bullying'. While I don't really mind, I'd prefer to discuss, rather than sneaking up behind the back, trying to harm sales. It's something I forgot to include in the book since it's common practice to just go and tag a book with nasty terms because you don't like the author or how she presents herself. I guess said author hasn't read the book, because then she knew it's got nothing to do with bullying. Neither did we exchange words.
I know a few authors I really don't like, but do I go and tag their books? No. Why would I? I'm a grown woman who has the Kindergarten days behind her.
In case you think I'm whining; forget about that. It's not. I'm merely trying to point out what goes on behind the scenes. It fits right in with the categories attacking reviewers, asking friends to downvote negative reviews, etc. 
Authors who resort to such doings shouldn't be surprised if they're not respected. I could imagine they'd act like this in real life, too. I can literally see them with a spray can, decorating that bitch's car from work with the words: cunt. That's the equivalent of tagging an author's book with rape, bully, fraud or anything else. You can always tell me you don't like me to my face. I'm fine with that. But what I hate more than lying is when someone's a coward. So I have taken a screen shot, because I think that Indies who go and tag other people's books with inappropriate tags should be named and shamed. I bet that lady didn't know about the possibility to find out who actually tagged your book.

The offender's name is in the window to the left, above my book cover. Please do not go and do anything to her book. I just want Indies, her in particular, to know that such behaviour is not acceptable. 

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