Sunday, 18 November 2012

Living on the edge: baking muffins

Because I'm the worst baker in the world, and only recently started to experiment with the oven, rather than on the hob, I decided to live a little dangerously and try my hands on muffins. I searched the Internet for the simplest recipe I could find, added butter instead of oil and some orange zest, and off I went. Of course without a kitchen scale. I don't weight anything, particularly not myself.

It was super easy and and the muffins actually are quite lovely.

Here's the recipe:


They are a little flat, but that is because I didn't know how much I had to put into the form. Next time, they'll be better. And I'll add banana and blueberries.

(Marcos, when you're reading this, I know you'll be damn proud of me.)


  1. Adding blueberries on the muffins will make it a winner for me. I love both muffins and blueberries.. How much more if you combine both.. YUmmmmmyyyy! ^_^

    1. Oh, yes. I love blueberries, too. Although I hardly get to eat them as I normally buy them for the iguana. Yes, he's a very spoiled dragon. :-)