Friday, 5 July 2013

Some serious cute alert

Taken today and had to share it, because it's just that: cute.

El Zorro, which translates to 'the fox'

Zorro's mating season was short-lived this year and I'm really, really glad about that. Although I'm slightly worried about the amounts he eats. I always remember my little girl, who was tiny compared to him and, consequently, didn't eat as much either. This iguana, though, is always hungry. I feed him a huge plate of food twice a day. Mainly spring greens, grated butternut squash, rocket, coriander, nasturtium leaves and flowers and bean sprouts, and fruit. Every time I come with the plate, he's falling over his own feet and dewlap to get to the feast as quickly as he can. Very funny to watch. It's good that he's got such an appetite; it means he's healthy. And he's growing again. As usual, he's only shedding at his head, which is still the strangest thing I've ever witnessed. It seems I don't need to go hunting for the unusual, the unusual finds me. That applies for animals and bikes. And, I guess, also to writing. None of my books are really straight forward; a fact that makes me quite proud.
Talking of writing: I think I'll share some surprising news some time soon. Watch this space.

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