Saturday, 14 September 2013

A special visitor was waiting for me today

Every now and again you get a nice surprise; I'd even call it an unusual one--for London. When I came home from the bike shop I'm practically living in, I shoved the bike I'm test-riding after servicing through our front garden and was delighted, yet confused, to see a goose sitting in the grass.  It didn't give a damn about me and just looked up as if to say, 'You got any nice food for me, or what?'  I took some pictures of the wonderfully cooperative model:

Well, I didn't have food for it, for I don't really know what they eat. Not bread, that's what I've learned from a sign in the nearby Finsbury Park; I guess it's some sort of seeds, like budgies eat. I shall research a bit about it. Of course, being an animal friend--particularly reptiles and feathered ones, I was worried it may have got lost or whatnot. As it was curious enough to come closer to my rustling bag, and when I didn't have anything interesting for it, merrily picking away on the grass, I knew it wasn't hurt. Great relief! After consulting a few people I was confident that it'd find its way back to the park. It most likely popped out for a snack in peace in quiet, like a husband goes down the pub for a drink to leave behind his bickering wife.
And the little cutie brought a big smile to my face. A rare sight in London, but a welcome one.

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