Monday, 4 November 2013

Some people take longer than others

There's a lot you can say about me, but 'afraid to try out new things' isn't one of them. I've always been open and curious about new things and therefore have tried a lot of jobs. Some of them were more adventurous than others, some were short-lived, some lasted a bit longer, but none of them made me happy. Okay, writing or editing came pretty close, but given the amount of effort I put into them, and the rather meager outcome sales-wise, plus the fact that it quickly became more painful, it was clear it wasn't something I could do for a living. Since I've stopped writing in January this year, I haven't missed it. Not one bit. This doesn't mean I will never write again, in fact, just recently I started to think about the 3rd book in the Branded series as I hate unfinished things. There's plenty of material for the 3rd book, but I can't bring myself to sit down and write. As you can see, even blogging has become more irregular than a year ago. I'm waiting until desire gets a hold on me and, with the return of the muse, I'll get writing. When and what, I don't know, but any time and anything will do, really, just to see if I still have it in me--the passion for it.
Speaking of passion: as you know I am a keen user of the order system of the Universe. Not in a religious way or so, but just to help Hope along a little. I think the Universe delivered and, as always, when I expected it the least. When I decided to buy Shawn (my red racing bike) I had no idea what was coming my way. Oblivious, I signed the Universe's delivery note and forgot about it-- until I found out how much fun fixing bikes is and how much there is to learn. For the past four months, I've worked in a bike shop, hands-on, and even qualified as a bike mechanic. A bike mechanic! Of all the jobs in the world, I wouldn't have thought of that option, despite my having cycled for all of my life, and always been someone who loved her tools. I  never pictured myself as a grease monkey. My ideas were more in the region consultancy, insurances. Something where I could dress smartly and help people make the right decisions. That was until I figured that smart dress code isn't something I'm keen on--unless I decide to on a special occasion. Jeans, long sleeve, or hoodie, that's more the real me. A typical tomboy, really. So, the bicycle business seems to be the right place for me. But how come I didn't even think about it before? It feels as if I haven't used the strategy of asking myself what I'm good at and what I want to do, but took the long-winded way of doing ridiculously many things to rule out what I don't want to do. Guess it's better to get there in the end, rather than having to wake up to yet another dull day at work you hate. I know I cannot go wrong when it comes to working with bikes. Every day is different, even though most tasks are the same.

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