Monday, 11 November 2013

The cake that travelled through London

Bethnal Green Rd. in the rain
As you know, I haven't had much luck regarding my flat of late, and consequently, I'm looking for a different place. Something quiet, something with a garden or enough storage for my bikes, and most of all: something without any pest. I haven't seen a cockroach in days, but I don't trust the peace. And, I don't know if I mentioned it, my landlord isn't exactly easy to deal with. That's a major understatement, by the way. In the past few weeks I've seen some places, most of which had me shake my head. One flat, advertised as 1-bedroom house, was in fact a tiny 1-bed flat. Yes it had a wonderful garden with potential; it also had a mouse on a sticky trap--next to a large beetle. The young man, who showed me the flat, shuddered and looked as if was about to throw up.
Next property was equally tiny, and not even the one shown in the pictures. Disappointing. In addition to this, it was in an area I neither was comfortable in, nor was it central enough for me. Yes, I do want to stay in zone 2 as I'm cycling everywhere and like the proximity of the city, although being far enough from the tourist areas. Ideally, I'd like to stay near Finsbury Park, but prices have gone through the roof here. A small studio/bedsit starts at about 900. That's impossible, if you ask me. Finsbury Park has become more and more of a 'to go to' place, since Stokey and Dalston are trendy these days. I admit, I love both areas, and I've lived in Stokey for over five years, but that before it got clogged with mustaches and 70s goggles.
Here, in Stroud Green, I'm close to Holloway, Camden, the City, and my boxing club. I also love Finsbury Park. A lot. Unfortunately, if you don't work in IT or share, it's far too expensive, hence my widening the area. My flat seems to be a bargain but, as mentioned above, it comes with too high a price.
Today, I viewed a 'glorified studio' (the agent's words, not mine). It was on Bethnal Green Road, which not only isn't really where I want to live, but also quite loud. Upon entering the flat, we stood in the galley kitchen. Well, it was the little hallway of the flat. To the left and and right were two small rooms, one to the front, the other to the back, where loud grunts and moans echoes in the tiny (not accessible) backyard. Turned out a gym's widow also lead to that backyard. Fabulous! The little bathroom was just enough to walk in and out again. The flat was also dirty. And the whole lot was available for 750 plus bills. Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.
Anyway, disheartened, I said goodbye to the agent, climbed onto my bike and went to get myself a caramelatte. It washed down the experience of flat-viewing  nicely. While I was there, I also decided to take home a banana-pecan cake, which I placed in my basket and chauffeured through London's drizzle. I'll certainly enjoy this well-travelled delight after dinner. Speaking of which; I'll have to go.

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