Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pull your socks up: another interview with me

You might not hear as much from me at the moment, but that doesn't mean, I'm lazily sitting on my arse, doing nothing. Far from it. I'm busily writing on the third book in the Branded series so that you, my lovely readers, will be able to join Celia and Tom again, see what they're up to next. And let me tell you one thing: it'll be a blast. Although I'm not yet sure where it all leads to, I'll do my best to make this book sing.

And while I'm furiously typing away, an e-mail reached me. Pageturners, a site for Chick Lit with a difference has asked if I'd be willing to do an interview with them. Of course I was. In fact, it's an honour. A site by readers for readers, what's not to love? And interviews are always fun, particularly when you're asked wonderful questions.

Find the interview here:

Hope you like it.



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