Thursday, 10 January 2013

Update on the Blogger front

As some of you may know, I gave up my old blog address by changing the URL to stella deleuze rants, and then, realising that my account must have been hacked, deleted the old account entirely and transferred the blog to a new one. The people who hacked into my account were cheeky enough to grab the old address, plus content and named it Stella Deleuze rants, which is quite infuriating. That's the reason why I named this blog Stella Deleuze rants and other topics.

I have reported this copyright infringement to Blogger and they are investigating. They got back to me saying they're onto it and asked me to provide more details. I have given the information they needed and am hoping that the twin blog, which is not mine (anymore), will be deleted.

Interestingly, I thought nobody would be able to do anything with a funny address like Words by Stella Deleuze, but someone grabbed it as soon as it was free (I discovered it the next day), imported the content of  my whole blog, and posted some incoherent stuff about online insurances. That is not my post, and anyone who knows my style, should have noticed. My friend was rather confused, so were probably a lot of followers.

What I've learned from this? Post about an address change to notify followers, keep/reserve the old address, or, if you change to a new account, delete the old one entirely. Saves you a lot of grief.

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