Friday, 10 May 2013

Guilt is the word

I've had a little set back in the past two weeks. I couldn't do as much exercising like I wanted to due to having to rest painful shin splints and, in addition to that, I binged, yes binged! terribly on chocolate. As if that wasn't enough I was so sore after the first box-training session that I literally couldn't move; at least not without grunting, moaning, muttering, or giggling to myself.. The pain was excruciating. Now I thought I was quite 'fit' after having worked out (abs, legs and triceps since end of January), but nothing could prepare me for what I went through the past week. I mean even today, six days after training, I am feeling it when I do some squats, which I never had before. Crikey, is all I can say.
Now I haven't done a proper circuit training in over two decades, and the last time I really did some full-on 90-minutes non-stop sport was when I played Volleyball, also about 20 years ago. I learned that even though I'm okay cycling for three hours, it's got nothing against that recreational boxing training.
Pain aside, I see it as a good thing as I know that there's still some more muscles to be build, even my abs and arse, which I'd thought were quite well developed. As the physio confirmed. Ha! We were so wrong. That means I'll have to go through some more sore weeks, but hey, I want to get fit and lose two more stones. And I'm keen to try out my new boxing gloves. (In case you're interested: they're 16oz as it's the gym's standard.)

Stella 'Rocky' Deleuze
Unfortunately, after the last two weeks of losing control, I have put on a little weight around the belly, and I'm furious with myself. It's not that I'm starving or deny myself anything I like--far from it; I eat chocolate on a regular basis and also a few biscuits here and there. I love my butter, my cream in sauces (rarely, but still); I enjoy pasta and have sugar in tea or coffee. In short: I eat a varied and normal diet with a few guilty pleasures and still lose weight. That chocolate binge, though, was too much. I think I consumed about 2000 additional calories from chocolate only in two days. And I also had spaghetti carbonara (with cream), sausages with ketchup, ice cream, some beers, and whathaveyou. How could that happen? One explanation would be that I had low. A few things happened that accumulated and bang! I undo all the hard work. It's a tricky beast to keep focussed in those times. The shoddy weather wasn't too great for cycling either. I guess I've put on at least one to two kilogramme, which is a massive blow.
However, I'm back on track and looking forward to tomorrow's boxing session, hoping that I'll be able to keep up for the entire 90 minutes. I'll have wheat biscuit (Weetabix style with hot milk) with banana and dates for breakfast, and after training I'll have some Pumpernickel bread, just before I head out to meet my friend Elin, who's in London for a visit.
On Sunday, I'll be grunting, moaning, cursing, and giggling again, as I'm doing a little spring cleaning, keeping my muscles busy, for my friend Piddi will be here from Monday to Friday next week. She's a tad invalid with a damaged knee and I think we'll make the perfect awkward moving or limping couple.
Prepare for a laugh. I might even have a new idea for a short story or book. Who would have thought?
Watch this space for more information.



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