Saturday, 4 May 2013

Look, the fattest girl in class ...

Some pretty sweaty wraps there
Anyone seen my legs? If so, please return in good working order. You probably guessed it: as I said previously I'm going to sign up with a boxing club to up my fitness level. Not that I'm fit at all; that I've learned today in my very first boxing session. Seriously, yesterday I was 'bragging' about my abs and glutes being well developed and now I'm not so sure anymore. At least not my abs, as it's hurting. So are my quads and arms. I don't even want to think about the soreness I'll be facing tomorrow, when I'll try to hop out of bed as usual. That ain't gonna happen, believe you me. 90 minutes felt like three hours and it was non-stop either muscle workout or getting your heart-rate up, or both.

The session started with skipping. 10 minutes or so. That is when I normally roll my rope up again, thinking to myself: okay, done for today. Ha! Not so at the club. That's only part of the warm up. You hear me? Part of the warm up! Then it's time for a jog around the gym--with some sprints thrown in--before there's running on the spot, star jumps and whatnot. I had to set out most of the jumping and running on the spot as I'm in physio with my calves and shin, which have been awfully overworked in the past. My poor muscles weren't used to so much workout (an hour power walking or 15 minutes skipping every day), hence the pains I went through. My physiotherapist and I are onto it. I need to do daily stretching exercises and massage my shins--pretty painful, the latter.

My first try at home
However, back to the boxing session: everyone was putting one gloves and started punching the bags--all still the warm-up period. Me, being the lucky girl, had two trainers wrap my hands as I didn't do it when I came in, plus I haven't done it beforehand. At least I wasn't sure I did it correctly. It's done to protect your hands from either getting fractured or otherwise injured (boxing gloves aren't as thick as you'd think), plus they will make your fist harder for punching (not that I'm planning to compete). Because everyone was busy with partners, I trained with one of the trainers, who said,' You'll hate me today, but you'll love me tomorrow.' Personally, I think it'll be the other way round as I'll be in severe pain tomorrow, adding to the one I'm in already today. And don't get me started on the wobbliness.

However, it's not only throwing punches, but there's a lot of squatting involved, hence the pain in my thighs. I thought I'm quite all right usually doing about 20 squats; I think I did roughly 50 to 60 today, that's a very different number. Punch up, punch straight, squat, punch up, punch straight, squat. And that with intervals of high intensity (punch as fast and hard as you can). Apparently I did well for a first time. Almost punched the good man when I started with my right arm first. No good. And I somehow got it mixed up, too. Oh well. Next time, I'll do better. Boxing also improves your hand-eye co-ordination.

After that it was standing in line, running on the spot and the first in line is maltreating the punchbag for 30 seconds and back in line while the next gets to release some anger. That's definitely a 'good bye, bingo wings' exercise. And as if that wasn't enough, we did a small circuit training in groups. Because of my not being able to jump, mine did abs workout with a medicine ball. Doing sit ups for three minutes is ... gee, how long can three minutes be? Long! I had to pause in between, I admit. And off we went to the weight room.

Well-earned post boxing snack: whole grain bread and a cuppa
Just when I thought it's over, the trainer ordered us onto the mats. Floor exercises: push ups, burpees, mountain climber, sit ups, running on the spot, star jumps, squats (with holding the position) ... the lot. At that point my legs were already giving way and I couldn't do much anymore. Push ups are my weakest part, so I need to work on that. Made such a tit of myself, fattest girl in class and mightily spent, but hey, have to start somewhere, right? I think I kept up the pace for about an hour and it's been a while since I did some real strenuous exercises, more than a decade, if not two, plus I have a cold. The good thing is that nobody pushed me; the trainers were super motivating and showed lots of humour. Yes a bit of shouting involved, but that's what you need when you want to hold that position a little longer, burning or not. Here's hope to my improving over time. If I keep that up and do two to three sessions per week, I'll be losing weight in no time and get fit and toned all the same. Perfect.

If only I could stand up from my couch and get me another cuppa ...


  1. You will, you just have to stick to it! Next month the post will be about how much easier it's become! :)

    1. Hey, love.

      You know best since you've been at it for a while. I just wish I were one month ahead already. :-)

      Thanks for the lovely encouragement. I can't wait to see the flap melt away.