Sunday, 12 May 2013

They make good decoration, too.

The gloves. I must say, I'm pleased as punch--yes, pun intended--with my red Lonsdale boxing gloves. Yes,
they are at the low end of the range, but I didn't want to spend too much money for gloves I'll only wear once a week (at the moment). I'm not competing and for the recreational boxing where I only hit the bags real hard, they are doing the job just fine. Padded nicely, as they should, they protect my knuckles and hands from getting injured. After yesterday's session, my hands feel as if I had been writing all day; no pain, no strain, no nothing.
I was curious to find out how I'll keep up with the 90-minute-power workout after last week's rather prominent overall soreness and was surprised that I did quite well. Okay, there were a few times when I needed to catch my breath, or my arms felt a little too heavy (the gloves weigh roughly a pound each), but that's going to improve from week to week. So does the soreness until it will eventually subside. I will admit that I even had fun yesterday and I'm glad to see that the trainers change the routine, which makes it more exciting. My thighs thanked them for it; no idea if I would have been able to go through so many squats again. I'll keep doing them at home now, so I'll be better prepared. Another part I really need to work on is upper body strength. I can't even do one decent press up, which is tad embarrassing.
Made the girl I partnered up with during circuit training laugh, though, as I accompanied my punches with expressions of revenge at my downstairs neighbours, since they're pissing me off. Mightily. (Right now playing the guitar and singing. Loudly. I can assure you they won't have a career in music.) Just imagining their faces on the punchbag--let me tell you: it works wonders.
However, I obviously did a lot of things wrong, not too surprising for a beginner, and two very lovely guys, who possibly wanted to protect me from hurting myself, hurried over from their punchbags and corrected my stance and technique, explaining the dos and don'ts. Very sweet of them, I find. Seriously, people in a boxing gym are the nicest ever.
Once I did it right, I continued to work on it and instantly felt how much easier it was to punch without getting exhausted. Next I'm trying to learn some of the footwork. I'm a dancer by heart, which may help.
All in all, I can only recommend this workout. I left spent, but energetic and am already looking forward to next week's session.

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