Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Are you scared of robots?

I'm not. In fact I'd love to have one; a cyborg or even better: an android like Data. After all, I had a crush on Data. Yes, I'm weird. Actually, I'd need to widen that hunting scheme for human-like aliens as I also had a crush on Spock. Seems I feel drawn to emotionless intellectuals. How could I resist men who're smarter than me and make me laugh? And let's not forget Jake Sully, the tall, blue Avatar with that sexy voice. Not that robotic, but certainly very futuristic. Thing is that robots aren't that distant a future anymore, which is kind of scary to some extent. Humans are smart enough to create, but often don't think about the consequences. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a modern Frankenstein scenario would happen at some point. Okay, for now, a computer or robot/android is just as intelligent as its/his/her programmer, but what if that programmer is a super-brain and the artificial creature develops an army of other artificial forms--bit like the cyborgs in Star Trek?
Now that would scare me. Although I find the whole topic rather fascinating. I just saw a documentary where a team of roboticists assembled a bionic man, complete with functioning organs and fake blood, as well as movable limbs and speech (with the same software Stephen Hawking uses). At the end of the programme, the creature walked around. Of course all still quite simple, but it's a massive step in robotics, even though a surreal one.

For those who are interested; this is the documentary: 


Personally, I don't like the fact that scientists are (mis)using animals for their experiments. It's one thing to study behaviour when the animal doesn't suffer any harm, but an entirely different one if do what must be a painful procedure to a defenceless creature. 

Anyway, I'm a little sad that I won't live to see humans and robots exist alongside each other, hopefully become friends; where androids make it easier for disabled or elderly humans, or learn skills that may help with the daily chores like doing laundry or cleaning, all with a big smile on their faces ...
As you know I'm planning to write a Science Fiction novel, featuring a robot, of course. The first thousand words have already been read by a few people who all demanded more. I assure you, no animals are going to be harmed in this book. It may take a while though before I get back to it; I'll keep you posted.

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  1. What a fascinating documentary. Unfortunately the link you provided won't work in the UK - CH4 has blocked it. You can see it on channel4.com though at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/how-to-build-a-bionic-man/4od If you want to watch it on something like the Google Nexus 7 you'll have to use the Firefox browser since it requires Flash.

    Why does everyone keep trotting out that 'I won't live to see...' phrase? Unless you plan on dying in the next year or so there is every chance that you will be astonished to find yourself living a lot longer than you expect at the moment - the first person to live to 1,000 is probably alive now. Given that length of time we may well be utilizing this sort of technology. It will only be a stopgap measure though since we'll probably be able to grow replacement limbs and body parts. Perhaps we will use bionics to produce robots which can go where we can't. Places such as the vacuum of outer space, dangerous places such as unstable buildings or areas of high radioactivity.