Sunday, 3 March 2013

In case you thought I was dead ...

You weren't the only one. I felt like my life was sucked out of me for the past week. Last Sunday, I knew either a cold or cough was coming my way; on Monday, I knew it was a bit more sinister and on Tuesday, a full-blown flu had shot my lights out. I lived on herbal tea and fruit salad as it was the only things I had and I only ate very little as I was too weak to even stand for longer than five minutes. I so hate getting the flu, as experience shows that it's always serious in my case. And, gee, did my muscles ache. Probably the result of my working out on Saturday; far heftier pain than ever experienced during a flu.
By the way: I had typed a long section that somehow got deleted and ctrl z did delete an even bigger chunk. Since I can't be arsed to rewrite the whole thing, I just cut to the chase.
I'm currently writing from my garden-laptop as my work-laptop is in surgery. Fingers crossed. The screen flickered and went dark every time I switched it on, very annoying.
The old laptop I'm using right now has its moods, but better than no laptop, right?
Since I hardly ever use this one other than for writing in the garden, I thought I could have a nosy through my files and found some early drafts of my covers for No Wings Attached, which still went through its many titles back then.
Here are some of the versions which I had made myself in Paint. As you can see, I'm technically challenged when it comes to covers, but I knew exactly what I wanted. They are great to show a cover artist what you have in mind. Although I'd like to learn how to do covers properly.


  1. A true cover artist!

    I hope you're feeling better :-)

    1. Hey, you. :-)

      Sorry, I'm a little slow to respond. Well, I'm feeling better, but I'm not 100% yet. The cough and snots persevere and that's rather unpleasant. Will get there in the end--or so I hope.

      Bet you laughed your head off when you saw my drawings. It took me ages, one should think it's easy to draw in paint, but it's not if you only have your touch pad.

    2. I wouldn't go as far as to use them for covers, but they're far better than anything I could make from scratch. You can tell what they are, anyway! Even when I try to write words using a paint tool, they always look like something a child would produce. Kudos to you haha.

    3. Thank you. I know it's not perfect, but it's the easiest way to translate my visions. That and, as you know, pictures or photos.