Sunday, 31 March 2013


Believe it or not, although I'm such a keen cook, I've never used Tofu before. I mean I tried vegetarian sausages, burgers, spreads and whatnot, but never Tofu. Until recently. No idea what brought it on, but I wanted to try an alternative to use in my stir fry, so I went and bought the firm Tofu and got working. To be honest, it's recommended to press it to get rid of the excess water, and I tried it, but I prefer it straight out of the packet, just dabbed until it's dry-ish.

I did a stir fry with spring onions, carrots, green beans, Samphire and Pancit Canton flour sticks with soy/honey sauce, but it goes equally well with Basmati or Thai rice.A sprinkle of sesame seeds and there you  have a perfectly healthy vegetarian dish, quick but anything but boring.
It was rather delicious and the Tofu has a smooth texture, almost like scrambled egg. Very interesting. I'll definitely do that again.

In addition to that it's low in calories, probably one reason why I have lost another 3cm around my tummy. Sunday's the day of truth and I was very pleased to see that I've shrunk again. My guess is that I've lost about 7 to 8kg of fat, but replaced it with muscles. Fine by me. Now I'll have to concentrate on losing fat only.

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