Sunday, 24 March 2013

Maybe I should have been a body builder

Still showing the wrong numbers
Today's measuring revealed that I lost 6cm in six weeks around the arse. That's what I feel in my jeans, they fit much better (again) and in one of them there's even a bit of room. My muscles are all coming back, too. I find it quite scary how quickly I build them, but I always did. I can clearly feel rather defined quadriceps and that's just because I did some squats, or exercises that involved squats for about a week and a half with ten to twenty repetitions twice every other day. Love it. Building muscles means I'll get to the fat stores and that's exactly what I aim for. After the first five squats I was hurting and gave my thighs a rest. Then I gradually increased the repetitions and I can honestly say that there wasn't a day in the past two weeks that I wasn't sore somewhere.
It's proof that I'm doing the exercises right, which is important because I'm doing the things on my own after studying videos on YouTube. If it doesn't feel right and it hurts where it shouldn't hurt, I don't continue. It's important to stay safe; the last thing I need is an injury.
Recently I've started to add weights; for the lack of dumbbells I just filled a 4pt milk bottle with water and started with that, then added another one. That's 4kg and they are easy to work with as they've got handles. A little bit of creativity goes a long way.
I try to vary the workout as much as possible and combine abs, arms and legs with HIIT, like Jumping Jacks, running on the spot or squat side steps (my own invention).
For the HIIT I'm using this online stopwatch, both for the length of the workout (I add 5secs to get in position), and to monitor my heart rate. I feel the pulse on my neck and count for 15 seconds, then multiply by four. So far it's fairly okay with 148 beats per minute. When doing HIIT cardio, it's supposed to be high. In fact it's probably even a little low. Although, if I'd do a sprint, I'm sure I'd blow any monitor.
At some point I'm going to get me a new heart rate monitor as mine is roughly a decade old and I can't open the watch to replace the battery.
I've also decided to join a local boxing club. Went over there last week to see how it feels and I liked it. You know, when you walk into a room and notice negative or positive vibes? For years I wanted to do boxing training as it's one of the best workouts you can get. It should help enormously with my ADHD, because I can go and kick and hit a punchbag and get rid of all the energy I have; or, if someone really pisses me of, I can picture his or her face and hit it hard. Better than lying in bed and arguing with that person in my head for hours. Boxing is a full body workout and I'm quite looking forward to joining that club. Just to be clear, the only thing I'll be hitting is a punchbag or pad, not humans. I'm against violence.
Another thing: I'm doing the exercises to get back in shape, not because I want to end up like Twiggy. I'm not a fan of women who look like they only eat two leaves of lettuce a day; all skin and bones. No, no. I love curves and want to keep mine, but I'm overweight and that's what I need to tackle. Working out and keeping an eye on what I eat is the perfect way for me to lose weight. Slim and wobbly is not a nice sight either.
Just thought I'd add that. And maybe I'll even start writing again when I'm happier in my own skin.

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