Saturday, 30 March 2013

I don't intent to play Bingo ...

4 pint is approx. 2kg
... therefore I don't need Bingo wings. Yes, it's another post about workout and exercises, but I'm only sharing my progress so that others can see it's possible without becoming a gym bunny, ending up like a stick insect. And more importantly: without having to spend hundreds on equipment.
Last year, we were in the roof garden having a picnic after a great harvest. That by itself wasn't a problem; the pictures taken, however, were. You know, it was a hot day, I wore shorts and a tank top, in short, the right clothes to show off what you have. Or don't have, in my case, that is a fit body.
My legs were fat, covered with cellulite mainly in the back, my tummy was a massive bulge, and my arms were just big and flabby. I hate flabby. It just wasn't a pleasant sight. Despite my voicing my disgust, everyone kept telling me I'm okay and I should stop complaining. Seriously? I mean I'm not one who has her skeleton poking through her paper-thin skin, saying I'm too fat. Quite the contrary: I have a very healthy relationship with my image in the mirror, let alone the brutal reality check those picture had imprinted on me. Photos, if not modified, are as honest as they get. I knew I had to do something, but I didn't. Not until this winter when none of my trousers fitted anymore and even my huge Parka got a little tight around the chest. That was a point I snapped and got my arse into gear. I won't go and repeat what I've done in the past three months, because I've posted about it previously, but I want to offer some motivation to those who aren't comfortable going to the gym or hate hopping about in front of a DVD for an hour or so doing over-complicated exercises.
I'm not a pro, so I have no clue if I'm doing everything right, but I can share what I'm doing and hope you'll try it out.
This time it's bingo wings. A great and easy way is shown in  this video, but because I'm not a sissy, I do it with two 4pt bottles. Ha! 15 reps, three times, sitting on a gym ball, which also engages my core. I'll up the repetitions to 20 and then 25 when the burning goes.
In the beginning, I did ten repetitions twice with only one bottle and it was enough to feel it for days. So I'd say take it slow, nobody's rushing you, right? If you do it twice or three times a week and gradually add more repetitions and weight, you'll feel the difference. Of course only if you're not too big. All the workout in the world won't help if you're not changing your diet, too, and lose the fat covering your muscles. :-)
Oh and you can combine it later with squats to get the wobbly backside back in form, too. Look up some videos on how to do squats properly and try it out. 

Next I'll plan to add triceps dips as shown here
For some reason I can't upload the video to watch immediately. But it's worth checking it out. 
I hope, I've encouraged you to do a little bit for yourself at home.

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