Friday, 29 March 2013

I just hate it

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For the past few years, I had an intimate relationship with my keyboards, both, the home and and the garden laptop. (If you look closely, you can probably see whole meals stacked away in there.) You will remember that I've not written anything since end of January and I wasn't really sure if the desire will come back or not, but ... I may have had an idea for a new book. At the moment that's only what it is. An idea. It seems I'm too scared to even go more into detail in my head in case I get stuck again. I think that's what it is, really, I can't take the torture of writing anymore. I hate writing, but I love looking back on what I've created. Thing is that one without the other isn't possible. (Imagine hearing a massive sigh of inner turmoil.)
Guess perfectionism and lack of imagination is not the best combination for a writer. The former is very good, if not necessary for editing, but for writing? It's a huge obstacle waiting around each corner. There's only rarely a flow or something 'pouring' out of me; instead I have outbursts of tantrums. Not very helpful to be honest. Perhaps I should ease back into writing with a few short stories; after all there's still the second book of funny shorts waiting to be done. I have about six or seven complete, but they're not ready and need more work and I need to be in the right frame of mind to write humour. If I don't feel it, I can't do it. Simple. Interestingly, my 5-Minute Tea Break Stories are my bestseller. My guess is that the cover draws them in, and I'm very proud of the picture, for I've taken it myself with my shoddy mobile cam. Not bad for an amateur, eh?
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that there may be a possibility for another book coming at some point, but I've decided to take it way slower than in the past. I will only write when I feel like it instead of pushing myself too hard. I think there's a good story in my own weight loss progress as I was a little breathless yesterday after I whipped my ice-cold fingertips with that leather skipping rope. Not recommended, by the way.

Tomorrow, I'll post some easy tips to get rid of bingo wings and get that wobbly arse back into it's firm glory.

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