Thursday, 21 March 2013

It tore a hole in my heart

Cheap doesn't mean bad
It's a rather sad day today. I've used the last bit of my beloved raspberry body butter, which smelled delicious the whole day and softened my skin a lot. I found it at the pound shop and even bought a second tub, but it's empty now. The shop stocked it for ages and then it was gone leaving me with a deep hole in my body butter relationship. Ah well, that means I have to go on the hunt for a new brand. Until then, I'll have the lovely raspberry body spray which is equally long-lasting and delicious. Can't do the shampoo and conditioner without the body butter now, can I?

Anyway, to distract me from the pain of losing my partner in crime in skin matters, I'll just go to the park and immerse myself in exercises. Rope skipping, to be precise

Leather skipping rope with weighted handles

I haven't done it since I was at school, but I figured I need to vary my workout and exercise programme to keep me entertained. I'm rather bored of just doing my rounds in the park, plus, it doesn't seem to do the trick. Yes, I've lost weight and my body starts to shape up, but it's boring. I have a feeling that endurance training doesn't work for me. I've always been more of a sprinter, mind you, a very slow one, but nevertheless, a sprinter. So I figured rope skipping would be a great way to get into HIIT (high intensity interval training), which basically is 20 to 60 seconds--depending on fitness level--of intense/fast exercise followed by a short low intensity resting period, before starting again. Some experts say if you do that for four minutes three to four times a week it's enough to burn fat. And fat burning is what I'm after. They say running burns only 50% of fat and the HIIT training burns 75%, plus, it continues to burn fat for hours after the training sessions. I think four minutes is a little bit too short and aim at twenty minutes, but will start with thirty seconds bursts and ten seconds resting period, and that five to six times. If I can do more, I'll try more, but I reckon I'll build up a sweat. The emphasise lies on intensity.
But let's see how I get on. Maybe I just land directly on my arse because my feet got entangled in the rope (ouch!); now that would be embarrassing, better find a place hidden from too many views, then.

I'll report back.

*Silly me wrote 20 to 60 minutes of high intensity intervals. That's wrong. It's seconds. If you can do 60 minutes of intense training (like sprinting) without a break, you're super woman or man. 

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