Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunshine and a beer

Omelette and salad from the garden
Finally! Although belated, this weekend, spring has showed its shy face and it was too wonderful to stay inside. After a healthy breakfast: omelette and a side salad of yesterday's freshly picked lettuce, I took the opportunity to spend a little longer in the garden, weeding, cleaning up and rope skipping.
To be honest, since I've started with my exercise regime, I can't bear sitting inside anyway. If I don't get at least twenty minutes of outside activity, I feel terribly guilty. Quite interesting as I felt the same guilt when I didn't write or work on one of my books every day. It seems I've replaced one obsession with another one--a fairly common trait of someone with ADHD. Then again, I think both 'obsessions' can easily live alongside each other. One day. For now I want to concentrate on getting fit(er) and reach my target weight. It may take longer than expected, but the results so far didn't go unnoticed. And my trousers are sitting loosely again, plus I can tighten my belt a hole more. Very good results indeed.
I'm very much looking forward to the warm season, the gardening on the roof, the chats with the people in the building, reading, having a beer and barbecue high above London. It's still my little oasis up there. 
Today, we've planted all sorts of greens and vegetables like shallots, peas, cavalo nero, mixed lettuce, mizuna and beans. I'm always excited when I see the little seedlings come up, because I know I'll have the fruits of our labour on the plate one day.
I even carried a 20(30?)kg bag of manure up the stairs (6th floor, ladies and gentlemen) that's quite the workout. We then had tea and biscuits, and I had a beer, holding my face towards the sun. I think I may even got a slight tan. Very weird to have the heating on again tonight, but I have high hopes for the summer to arrive. Eventually.

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