Tuesday, 23 April 2013


View from the roof
Right. I have some good news to share. Okay, it doesn't affect you, but I'll tell you nevertheless.
I've been to the doctor today (nasty infection, and no, that's not the good news) and used the opportunity to step onto the scale. Now here comes what I'm so excited about to share: it revealed that my efforts are indeed paying off. I've lost 9kg (about 19.8 lbs) since December, 6 of them since February! Yes, I'm living proof that it's possible. I guess I lost more in fat and gained quite a bit of muscle (all that skipping and abs training), and I'm rather proud of myself. There was a moment of disappointment when I worked so hard and the scale didn't show much improvement, but it's most possibly down to muscle gain. I knew I had lost some more since my last weighing in March, but didn't realise how much. Roughly about 6kg. That put a smile on my face. 1kg more until mid May and I've reached my set goal for the first leg.

The next 10kg should be gone by end of this year and then I'll give myself another six month until I've reached my target weight. What's interesting is that I'm feeling much better, walking or cycling is easier and my agility has improved. And it's visible to others, which is always a nice compliment to hear. Unfortunately, I need to set out skipping for a while as I've been overdoing it. The pain I have every time is terrible, so I'll go back to cycling and walking in the park instead. Once the shin splint (I assume it is what causes the pain) has healed, I'll go back to skipping. The weather's fabulous and that calls for outdoor exercises like short sprints on grass or using the outdoor gym. I think I mentioned before that I'm starting with Boxing (recreational training) soon, so that will help me on my mission to shed some more kilos as well as get rid of penned up energy. Can't wait, to be honest.

Omelette with chives and salad
As usual, I don't diet, but continue to eat healthily as well as more controlled. Chocolate, biscuits, and wine (in moderation) is also on the menu. Can't live without it, you see?
Sundays, I've decided, is my omelette day; like this delicious chive omelette I had last Sunday. That and a
huge mug of tea was the perfect breakfast. Next Sunday, I'll try one with mushrooms. It's low in calories and protein keeps you full for longer. Plus it's really quick and easy. The lettuce, by the way, was from the garden, as were the chives. We've already started to grow tomatoes and mixed lettuces, and I've sown spring onions. That will soon make that breakfast not only fast and easy, but also cheap. What's not to like? Hope you get some inspiration and get your arse off the couch; go for a walk, take in nature, and lose a few pounds on the way. :-)

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