Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I have a Godzilla situation

As you know I have this big dragon, which really is an Iguana Iguana. It doesn't make him any smaller and today I was again in awe how huge he's become. And he's got an appetite to go with it. I'm lucky this year; the mating season started early and only lasted for three months or so, which means the really dangerous time is over. Hopefully this will continue from now on as it's hardly enjoyable having to deal with razor sharp teeth and charging on a daily basis.
However, it doesn't keep him from going wild. He knows exactly where the exit is and demands to take a stroll through the flat. Of course I don't let him, but just approaching the vivarium and opening the sliding door gets him all excited. It's quite cute, really. I have to gently persuade him to stay inside, which he reluctantly accepts. It can happen though, that he gets so excited that he knocks one of his lamps with his long tail. And that's what he did on Friday and Saturday. Both lamps smashed and I had to order new ones. Plus the heat emitter. That's roughly 46 pounds. Yay. I need to find a solution for that and might go for a tubular heater next, apparently they're a good constant heat source and energy efficient. Will look into it.
And? What do you want me to do with it?
Anyway, on Saturday came the first delivery of wire lamp and 250W heat emitter, but the wire lamp was faulty and could only take lamps up to 150Watt, which I only learned today. On Saturday, I informed the company that the lamp was broken and they sent another one, due to be delivered on Monday. It came today. Again 150Watt. That's when I noticed. After a long sigh, I called the company again to explain and they sent out a 250Watt wire lamp. Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow in working condition or else I'll go ballistic. Seems the stars are against me at the moment. And the iguana is 'suffering'. Mind, good it's 'summer' as he's been without proper heating for the past few days. Not that it's bothering him, he eats, is active, annoying ... just his normal self. Although he spends a bit more time on his heating mat.
I hope that as of tomorrow everything will be back to normal, and he has his proper heating back. I'm done unscrewing plugs and screwing them back together for the time being. But hey, that comes with the job as Godzilla's keeper: being a part-time electrician.

Oh and here are some random news: Zorro was given the chance for his very own 15 minutes of fame, starring in a music video. I would have loved it, especially as it's a friend who's doing the video, but considering Zorro's aggressions towards certain colours, hair styles or anything that is moving, I decided against it. I just can't take the risk of him seriously injuring anyone. Shame. He's such a pretty boy, but given my recent luck, he'd charge one of the 'stars' and take a piece out of her calves. Better to be safe than sorry, methinks.

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