Monday, 10 June 2013

It's my favourite, so don't discuss with me!

For a few days, I've had this craving for cake. Today, while I was cycling through the city, I tried to find a cafe that looked promising. I knew what I was after, but none of the cafes delivered. Mind you, I didn't really look inside, but from the outside it all looked like your typical muffins.
Now I'm not really a big cake eater, sponge cakes, that is; I'm a cream cake connoisseur. Black Forest Cake to be precise. I love the mixture of cherries, cream, chocolate sponge and booze. Each mouthful is an explosion of flavours and textures--pure heaven.

My most favourite treat
Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. However, since I was rather unlucky in my pursuit of a suitable cake, I gave up and cycled home. Upon arrival I had the genius idea to pop by the new ice cafe around the corner; it had opened just a month or so ago and while I've tried their (ridiculously overpriced) ice-cream, I didn't give the cakes a second look back then. The longing to sink my teeth into something soft and sweet drove me into the cafe and the girl behind the counter came to sell me their wares. Nothing took my fancy. Then I spotted it and thought my day is safe. A tiny label read: Black Forest Cake! I could feel my eyes lightning up, and I quickly scanned their display, but couldn't find the object of my desire. Huh?
I asked and she pointed at a cake I'd (mis)taken for a chocolate cake. It was flat and covered with cocoa--no chocolate, cherries or cream in sight. My initial reaction was: That's not a Black Forest Cake; which she didn't take too well. She assured me it was a Black Forest Cake. I insisted it wasn't. It ended with her wishing me a good day, with a sour smile on her face.
Seriously, these things do wind me up. If you're a cafe and don't know how a Black Forest Cake looks like, then don't sell it. And definitely don't try to argue with a German, whose absolute favourite cake is the one in question. And because I didn't get my fix of sweetness, I'm now baking my very first own cake. Coconut sponge cake, for that's probably all I can manage, being the disaster bakeress. Let's hope it won't come out as a brick. Pictures and recipe to follow if it doesn't. So far it looks good and smells even better.

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