Sunday, 9 February 2014

I got pranked!

My beloved red Viscount
And I wasn't amused. At all. Despite my normally sunny nature and good sense of humour, I seem to have left my ability to laugh at home when I visited my local bike shop before I went for a ride. Okay, I had a bone to pick with them and basically went in and straight for the throats, which had them in stitches. It appears I'd also left my expression 'I mean business' at home and came across like a little hissing kitten. Doh!
In their defense, they didn't do anything wrong; it was more of a personal issue and I needed to get that off my chest. As you know I'm quite the outspoken person and if I feel upset about something I'll bring it up--sensitive little flower, me.
Because I didn't plan on staying, I simply leaned my bike against the wall, smack bang in the way. You could go past it, but it wasn't ideal. Once I had said what I wanted to say, I left for the loo and when I came back Alex was busy with a customer and Brian with a bike, while Jesse worked away in the back. That's when I realised my beloved bike was gone. I checked outside at the back, assuming Alex had put it there, but I couldn't find it. It wasn't inside the shop or the back with Jesse either. Now Alex had gone outside with a customer and I thought he may have taken my bike to ride along, but he came back with empty hands. So where was my bike? I started to get really anxious as it means the world to me, which the guys know, and they could tell my edginess. Not that they'd cared. They were having way too much fun and carried on, telling me nobody was in the shop front when I was in the back to the loo and, apparently, the pub next door has always dodgy people around (not true, it's a decent old-fashioned establishment), but you never know. My panic rose and I demanded to get my bike back. Now! They said I
Two culprits 
should ask in the pub and, from Alex's winking at Brian, I had a feeling it may just be a joke--which I didn't find funny the slightest. With smoke coming out of my ears, I stomped into the pub and told them the guys were taking the piss. The woman behind the bar looked rather confused, and when Brian entered behind me, grinning, she said, 'Oh, but there was a guy just here, saying you sent him to pick it up and bring it back.'
Brian's face fell and I lost the plot, now really worried about my bike's whereabouts. And I did something uncharacteristic for me: I took off, almost taking the pub's door out of its hinges, loudly cursing. Brian followed shortly after, laughing, asking me if I'd like to have my bike or not.
The wonderful woman was in on the prank, but decided to give Brian a taste of his own bitter medicine, which had worked. Well done, I'd say. And so deserved. I still wasn't amused and needed that 3-hour ride badly. It took me about an hour to get it out of my system, before I could forgive them their cheekiness. In all fairness, I deserved it, parking my bike where it's in the way, and the guys knew they could do it with me, even though I wasn't a good sport yesterday.You can only love such a great bike shop, who have plenty of humour, and if they're not playing pranks or tease me, they're actually looking after me rather well.

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