Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Some expressions are better than others

I think I shocked the world today. Okay, not the whole world, but definitely the world surrounding me. Everyone who knows me is aware of my not being keen on children. Never have been, never will be, hence my decision not to have them. In case you're thinking I'll change my mind once I'll meet the right guy (often cited argument when I won't budge from my opinion; trying to convince me that I'll be a happy mum some day): don't. It's a pointless waste of time trying to argue with me. And since I've got those two running kids living downstairs, it's got a bit worse with my dislike for children. Although the girl doesn't seem to mind; as soon as she sees me, she comes running and hugs me. Not really sure why I deserve this, but hey, I'm a hugger, too, which means I can relate, because I also hug people I like, whether they want it or not.
Moving on. I had to go to Noah's for a tricky freewheel situation. His wife was there, and so was his newest addition to his family, born in December, if I remember correctly. It was hilarious when Noah asked me if I'd met his youngest, saying, 'You'll like this one, he's really quiet, and friendly.' I grinned and asked his wife if I could hold him. I think she was scared for his life, wondering if I'd bite his head off or something. Nah, far from it. Babies I can deal with (for five minutes), and this one was just as the father promised. If only all children were like that, I'd be a lot more relaxed. His brother isn't such an angel, cries far too much for my liking, but hey, I'm not the one having to live with that, right?
Anyway, we got the freewheel situation under control and I went home to my very own 'baby', who, as soon as I opened the door to the vivarium wanted to get out and have a nosey around the flat. Needless to say I didn't let him. That 6kg dragon can cause quite a bit of havoc with his tail--or body in case he decides to jump at someone/something. I thought I'd share the two pictures. When I looked at them I had to laugh out loud as my, as well as the baby's expressions look somewhat between Oh, shite, was that a bomb going off? and Crikey, I think I just shat myself.
Just fantastic! I find I look far more relaxed with my scaly friend, but it's worth a laugh.

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